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Dhamma Salila
Dehradun Vipassana Centre

Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka
in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Updated on February 16, 2016

Travelling to Dhamma Salila

For the convenience of all meditators it has been arranged to meet at a common reporting point; from where the meditators would be taken to the centre in a common Jeep taxi. This would not only be convenient but also very cost effective to the meditators. Hence all the meditators coming via train all bus can take a local Vikram 7 seater , private autos, taxis, Ola to reach the following meeting point. Any meditators coming from Rishikesh, Haridwar or the Jolly Grant (Dehradun) airport can also report to the same meeting point.

Meeting point:
Neeraj Gupta
33, Gandhi Road
Next to Gaurab Hotel
Near Tehsil chowk

Phone: +9170784-98241, +9194101-52377

Map of Meeting Point


General Information

Dehradun Vipassana Meditation Centre is on the left bank of upstream of Rivulet Noon. Further upstream of Rivulet Noon, on the right bank is the pilgrimage place, Santala Devi temple which is about 2 Kms Kilometer from our Vipassana Meditation centre. Our Meditation centre is well connected by Road, Rail and Air.

Location Map

For Pictorial view of approximate distances of places near Vipassana Meditation Centre, Click here.

By Air

People reaching Dehradun by Air can avail taxis (Cabs) from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun directly to the meditation centre. It is about 49 Km and takes slightly more than an hour. A Cab drive would cost around Rs. 1200/- to Rs.1500/- from Airport to Meditation Centre.

From Dehradun City

Candidates should come directly to the centre. Following are the transport options available:
Buses: City buses regularly ply between ‘Parade ground’ in Dehradun city to Santala Devi temple. The Vipassana Meditation Centre is on the way to Santala Devi temple through the famous Garhi Cantt Chowk and further through the Birpur/Ghangora area. It is about 12 Kms from Parade grounds. ‘Parade ground’ is about 3 kilometers from Dehradun Railway Station and about 9 kms from ISBT (Inter State Bus terminal). Jantanwala Bus stand on the right bank of the river is the closest point to alight from the Bus and cross a bridge on the river to reach our Vipassana Meditation Centre which is on the left bank of the river. Jantanwala Bus stand is about 1 km from our Meditation centre and students may need to walk this small distance.

Autos: There are no metered autos in Dehradun. Autos from ISBT and Railway Station to the centre cost about Rs.300 and Rs.400 respectively . Guide them to Garhi Cantt Chowk from where you will be guided easily.

Taxis: Regular Taxis from station and bus stand do not have meters and charge about twice more than the Autos. You can also choose to take an Ola taxi using the Ola app. The Ola fares are generally cheaper than regular taxi fares.

Transportation from the centre

On the last day of the Course, a shared transportation is provided from the centre. A mini-bus is arranged to drop people from our Campus to ISBT on the last day after the course completes. The Bus fare per head is Rs. 80/-. In case you are flying from Dehradun airport, we can arrange a taxi as per your convenience. Please let us know of your transportation requirements one day before the course ends.

Contact us

Feel free to contact on the numbers mentioned below for assistance.
1. For registrations at Tel: +91 135 271-5189
2. For travel related information and directions - +91 - 98086-40497
3. For serving in courses, any other information - +91 88021-16766
4. Centre Manager at Tel: +91 7078-398-566, (135) 210-4555

Dhamma Salila- Dehradun Vipassana Centre
Village Jantanwala, Closer to Dehradun Cantonment,
Near Santala Devi Mandir
Dehradun 248001

Centre Management: [91] 7078-398-566
Registrations: [91](0135) 271-5189
Fax: [91](0135) 271-5580

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